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Offered via Writer's Digest University
I am currently teaching three online copyediting courses for Writer's Digest University. Introduction to Copyediting focuses on the basics of being a copy editor. Students learn what a copy editor does and how she does it, as well as crucial rules of grammar that help produce a smooth read. Practice exercises allow hands-on participation, and writing assignments reinforce each week’s lessons. Professional Copyediting offers similar structure but goes deeper into the skills of copyediting to help build confidence and give individuals the practice they need to go forward professionally. The Copyediting Certification course is ten weeks long and those who complete all of the work receive a certificate after taking it. Click here for details. (Scroll down to my name.)
This has been a great experience. Thank you for offering practical exercises and assignments to help us increase our skills, and thank you for your feedback!
Kandice O.

Thank you so much! This course has done so much for me!
Emma T.

Thank you for everything, Kim. I appreciate your guidance.
Jodi G.

"This has really been an amazing learning experience..."—J. Mills
"You were a wonderful, thoroughly competent teacher, Kim. Appreicate all you did."—P. Brace
"Thanks, Kim, for all the meticulous feedback on the various assignments: It really helped clarify some of the trickier aspects of the process."—Bruce R.

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