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My rate for copyediting is reasonable and competitive—and based on the assignment at hand. For individuals who have written fiction or nonfiction manuscripts in need of content editing or copyediting, I will provide an estimate based on the first three chapters and the word count of the book as a whole. I will also provide a three-page sample (12 pt. type and double-spaced pages) so you can see what kind of edits and suggestions you can expect from me. An average-length novel (90,000 words) will require a two- to three-week turnaround. 
The publishers I work with usually provide an hourly rate, which I'm happy to negotiate. 

What You Get

As your content editor, I will read your manuscript with an eye toward story structure, pacing, logic, character arc, voice, and more. I will provide feedback every step of the way (in in-line comments throughout your manuscript), as well as in a lengthy letter in which I give a broad overview of what I deem to be the strengths and weaknesses in your manuscript. 
My goal as your copy editor will be to help you produce a smooth and enjoyable read. That means editing for grammar and syntax, spelling and consistency. I will query when a question arises (or when a fact seems not quite right), and I will verify the spellings of all proper nouns and titles. When I catch redundancies, I will call them out, and when I meet with awkwardness, I will find a way to alleviate it.
I will be your second set of eyes—the fresh set that catches minor and not-so-minor errors. It will be my job to help you make your copy be the best it can be. 

How to Contact Me
If you are an individual who needs editorial assistance, send me an e-mail describing your book (whether it is fiction or nonfiction, its word count, and any particulars you think I should know).
If you are a publishing company, simply send me an e-mail that describes your assignment. I'll get back to you within an hour or two to let you know my availability. 
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Editing Samples
I am happy to take an editing exam, if your company requires one. For individuals who want help with their book manuscripts, I edit three double-spaced (12-point type) pages as a sample of my work.

Authors I've Copyedited For

Donald Maass
Hallie Ephron
James Scott Bell
Kelly James-Enger
Sandra Lee
K.M. Weiland
Jeff Gerke
Chuck Wendig
Chuck Sambuchino
Jack Heffron
Barbara Baig
Dinty Moore
William Kenower
Martha Alderson
Tyler Florence
Sage Cohen
Stephen Wilbers
Jordan Rosenfeld
Gabriela Pereira
Zachary Petit
Christina Katz
Jennifer Probst
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Many More!

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