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Written by Kim Catanzarite

Kim has published many articles and short stories over the years, and she has won several contests. Most recently, Kim's short story titled "Handsome and Grethel" will be featured in the debut publication of the Deadly Quill, July 2017. 
Her short story "At the Light on 17 and King" came in seventh place in the Sixfold fiction contest (Winter 2016) and will be published in the print version of the literary magazine as well. 
Kim's YA novel, titled The Three Coins, was short-listed for the Pirate's Alley William Faulkner novel-in-progress prize. (2013)
Kim took home two awards from the South Carolina Writers Workshop 2011 conference held in Myrtle Beach, SC: Second place in the Novel First Chapter contest and Honorable Mention in the Poetry category.

Kim's work has appeared in the following publications:
The Evansville Review
moonShine review
Emry's Journal
The Petigru Review
Catfish Stew
The Deadly Quill
Various Better Homes and Gardens magazines
Woman's Day Specials
Charleston Style & Design
House Calls magazine
Many others
The Ridgewood News
The Post and Courier
Parent's Post
The Winston-Salem Times
Many others

This is a story titled The Father, which won the South Carolina Fiction Project Contest:

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